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What to watch for

  • tendency to fidget
  • quick eye movements when reading
  • slower than normal writing speed
  • uses a finger used as a guide on the page when reading
  • habit of mouthing the words when reading silently
  • difficulty filling out forms
  • misuse of upper and lower case letters
  • use of illustrations or other aids to ‘guess’ words and meaning

What to listen for

  • “I don’t have time to fill these papers out now. Can I take them home?”
  • “I’ll read it later.”
  • “My spelling is not very good.”
  • “I’ll remember, just tell me.”
  • “I forgot my glasses.”
  • “The lighting is very poor in here. If I tell you the answers, could you fill in the form?”

Other signs

  • appears to lack motivation
  • makes little or no eye contact
  • is slow to follow instructions
  • is consistently late or very early for appointments
  • never writes down appointments or takes any kind of notes