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What are the signs your client may need Literacy and Essential Skills training?

Many adults will not reveal they have a literacy problem, and in some cases they don’t recognize that they have a need. Literacy is more than being able to read or write. It also includes oral communication, computer skills, problem solving and working with others.

Very few adults (less than 1%) are not able to read or write. However, 42% of Canadian adults do not have the literacy skills to fully cope in today’s technological and information-based society. Many adults have developed great coping strategies over the years and are quite adept at hiding their problem.

It is important to know that an adult’s literacy level may not correlate with educational attainment. This means that someone who has a Grade 12 diploma doesn’t necessarily have adequate literacy skills that correspond with that grade level. As mentioned, many adults with low levels of literacy do not recognize they have a problem or that literacy challenges are preventing them from achieving their goals.